Santa Fe Launches Installation of Open-Access Broadband Infrastructure

  • CIP High Speed Internet Project
SANTA FE, NM – The CIP High Speed Internet Project, a public/private partnership, has launched the installation of open-access broadband Internet infrastructure in Santa Fe. This is the culmination of a multi-year project to connect Santa Fe’s Internet market to faster speeds with a broader range of options. The project is anticipated to lower wholesale costs, creating competition among retail providers that will lower costs and increase speed to parity with regional cities including Albuquerque.

The CIP High Speed Internet Project was designed to improve the speed, price and availability of Internet in Santa Fe. The program targets the needs of businesses relying on extraordinarily high connection speeds, including film and television production, health care, education, software development and financial and data analysis. The project furthers the city's broader economic development goals by:

  • Supporting innovative industries and key economic base jobs

  • Improving the climate for doing business in Santa Fe

  • Improving the business infrastructure in Santa Fe

  • Promoting a green and sustainable Santa Fe

“When we talk about growing an economy that works for all Santa Fe, an economy that works in the 21st century, you have to have infrastructure that is competitive with any place in the world," said Santa Fe Mayor Javier M. Gonzales. "This project is about making sure that our people have access to infrastructure that will truly unleash the potential of our entrepreneurs.”


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