Santa Maria Chooses Wave Broadband for Municipal Fiber Network

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SANTA MARIA, CA — The city of Santa Maria has selected Wave Broadband, a gigabit broadband and fiber services company, to complete construction of the city’s fiber-optic network ring to bring reliable, high-speed gigabit service to city departments, businesses, schools, and residents as a whole. The project is designed to spark substantial economic growth in and around the city as businesses and public services take advantage of the multi-million dollar public/private investment into the community.

The fiber ring, which links key components of the city’s infrastructure, is a priority for Santa Maria to attract new tech companies and employees who are choosing where to locate based on the availability of connectivity and high-speed internet service. With the exponential growth of internet traffic, the city sees this project as essential to the community’s economic expansion.

Public/Private Ppartnership
Increasing numbers of municipalities, frustrated by lackluster service from entrenched providers and handcuffed by budget constraints, are turning to public/private partnerships to upgrade their communities’ internet infrastructure.

Upgrading the Public Safety Network
The completion of the fiber ring will allow Santa Maria to upgrade the city’s public safety network, become a regional emergency dispatch center, and future-proof the city. It will also allow the city to offer public Wi-Fi in its revitalizing downtown core, and for Wave to evaluate providing Wi-Fi in residential neighborhoods where traditional carriers have been slow to upgrade internet service.

“The city’s leadership and overall support were key in our decision to make the investment in Santa Maria,” explained Paul Koss, senior vice president of business solutions with Wave. “We have developed a great long-term partnership that will support the city’s goals of driving economic growth and becoming a regional technology hub.”


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