Santa Monica’s CityNet Fiber Network Now 100 Gigabits Per Second

  • Santa Monica CityNet
SANTA MONICA, CA - The city of Santa Monica has upgraded the capacity and speed of CityNet, its fiber optic network, to 100 Gbps continuing to raise the benchmark for municipal broadband networks across the nation. “This is only the latest milestone in a long line of advancements Santa Monica has made in the broadband arena. We are considered a leader in social tech and have leveraged our fiber optic network to advance free Wi-Fi in public parks and major bus routes, provide Internet to our libraries, and connect our schools and college locations. These efforts have contributed to education, economic development, and provide impressive internet speeds for large conferences and events. We are proud to be the first 100 Gigabit municipal network in the U.S.,” said Jory Wolf, the city of Santa Monica’s chief information officer.

Santa Monica’s tech, entertainment, and healthcare firms will likely be among the first to leverage the new 100 Gigabit network for service models, content distribution trends and telemedicine initiatives. More importantly, the network’s commitment to continuous innovation means that Santa Monica doesn’t accept the status quo on big issues affecting most cities today. “With the Internet and Internet of things governing how we interact with life, the ability for a city to control and influence issues such as net neutrality, security, network capacity, and customer service becomes increasingly significant," said Gary Carter, broadband program administrator. "A 100 gigabit network, is our response to the question, what should every city in the U.S. have today?”

Jeremy Foint, IT Manager of Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel overwhelmingly approves, “With the annual American Film Market campus, tech expos, and Fortune 500 corporate events convening in Santa Monica, it’s comforting to know Loews can accommodate the most demanding network requirements. I know CityNet will take care of us.”

CityNet’s network staff operates in synch with their customers’ IT staff. “You will never hear us say, you don’t need a network that fast. We constantly evaluate new technology that will support pioneering network projects and have fun doing so,” said John Meschyan, broadband services engineer. CityNet has received a number of awards including a Top 25 Innovations in Government by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


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