Santa Rosa Telephone Implements iPhotonix iVolve MoCA 2.0 ONTs

  • Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative
  • iPhotonix
SANTA ROSA, TX — Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative in has implemented iPhotonix iVolve MoCA 2.0 ONTs into their home networking solution. The iVolve 7400 series ONTs support MoCA 2.0 for transporting data over existing coaxial cable. In conjunction with MoCA-ready set-top boxes, iVolve’s native MoCA ONTs enable rapid installations.

"iPhotonix has been integral in creating a robust ecosystem of ONTs to meet the needs of Santa Rosa and its customers,” comments Seth Tabor, CTO of Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative. “Staff at iPhotonix have been very responsive in the development of custom solutions to achieve the integration and feature objectives of Santa Rosa. The prevalence of usable coax has been even higher than we expected. That has resulted in us seeing immediate time savings on many MoCA installations."

Minimizing Customer Disruption
iVolve MoCA 2.0 ONTs offer more cost-effective solutions to service providers who deliver high-speed data, IPTV, Video on Demand (VOD), and Voice over IP (VoIP). The ONTs also support iPhotonix's Wi-Fi Virtual Gateways, RF feature sets, and MDU/SBU solutions to supply multiple options while minimizing customer disruption.

“iVolve continues to be a game changer for FTTH,” says Jeff Mulqueen, Deputy CEO and VP of Sales & Business Development for iPhotonix. “Utilizing the iVolve ONT platform to deliver services into and throughout a home is what makes the difference between Operators that utilize MoCA for their service offering and those that don’t. MoCA remains an area we continue to innovate and incorporate into the iVolve Platform.”

The iPhotonix MoCA 2.0 solution:

  • Sustains 800 Mbps of real data throughput over coaxial cable

  • Supports up to 15 MoCA nodes

  • Offers backward compatibility with MoCA 1.x for Band D frequencies of 1125 to 1525 MHz

  • Integrates with existing devices and services on the coax with no interference



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