Saratoga Springs, NY Partners with SiFi Networks for City Fiber Network

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY — Commissioner of Finance, Michele Madigan, announced a development agreement between the City of Saratoga Springs and SiFi Networks to design, install and maintain a City-wide fiber-optic network that will reach every home and business in Saratoga Springs. The expectation is that the design of the system will begin this year, and that construction will take roughly two-years to complete, with certain areas coming online, or being “lit”, well before then.

Thirty-year Agreement
The agreement is for 30 years, with a potential renewal of an additional 30 years thereafter. Should the agreement be renewed beyond the initial 30 years, the City will receive a fee of 0.5 percent of SiFi’s gross revenue derived from the system, paid quarterly. Up until Substantial Completion, meaning when the system is almost entirely complete, SiFi Networks will remit $45,000 annually to the City toward a DPW employee that will serve as a point-of-contact between SiFi and the City. The City is waiving all permitting fees up until Substantial Completion, though after that point SiFi will go through the same permitting process as other providers in the City right-of-way.

"For several years I’ve talked about improving the City’s tech infrastructure, specifically expanding the reach, quality, and market for broadband access to all City residents and businesses. From an economic stand-point, improved connectivity will allow existing businesses capabilities previously thought impossible, while also enticing the businesses-of-the-future to set up shop in Saratoga Springs. For residents, this would provide a more competitive broadband market, with exceptionally fast online access for all of their needs," stated Madigan.


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