SaskTel Taps Nokia to Power its Fiber-Based Gigabit Initiative

SaskTel will deploy Nokia’s XGS-PON technology to provide 1 Gbps and beyond service to its customers.

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Ottawa, Ontario –SaskTel is working with Nokia to deliver gigabit speed across the province. The telco will deploy Nokia’s XGS-PON technology to support high-bandwidth consumer and business applications.

For its consumer subscribers, SaskTel is deploying Nokia’s XGS-PON to its existing and future fiber-served communities, beginning with initial roll-out in Regina and Saskatoon with additional communities to follow. Nokia’s technology will support faster broadband speeds and support SaskTel’s delivery of its maxTV and maxTV Stream video products and its Optimum In-home Wi-Fi service. Residents will be able to easily stream HD video and video conferencing, play multi-player online gaming, and support remote learning and telehealth.

SaskTel currently offers business customers Gigabit services and with the launch of XGS- PON, SaskTel will now be able to offer Gigabit symmetrical services, and in the future, services with beyond Gigabit speeds. Digital transformation through the rise of video conferencing tools, large file sharing and collaboration, and cloud backups has driven the importance for strong upload speeds. XGS-PON will allow SaskTel to continue to evolve broadband services to meet the changing needs of business customers.

SaskTel is deploying Nokia’s XGS-PON on Nokia’s 7360 Optical Line Terminals and XS-250 XGS Optical Network Terminals, providing a smooth upgrade path to SDN and 25G PON.

“We have had a long-standing partnership with Nokia to provide connectivity service to the people in Saskatchewan that began with ADSL copper-based services,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO. “Nokia is our trusted partner as we continue to improve our networks to meet the increasing demands of digitalization in businesses and in the home. The Nokia platform we are deploying today gives us a path forward to 25G PON so we can keep pace with how our customers are using our services.”


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