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CHARLOTTE, NC — Segra, a fiber infrastructure network company operating in the Eastern US, announced  In-Building Wireless to help wireless carriers meet increased demand for more bandwidth and prepare for 5G.

With an estimated 80% of mobile traffic originating or terminating within a building, universal in-building wireless networks are vital to business operations. Connectivity demand, preparation for 5G and environmental constraints all contribute to carriers investing in Segra’s In-Building Wireless.

“Segra has always been a leader in partnering with carriers as communication technology advances and connectivity demand increases. This is Segra’s latest solution for enabling carriers to provide robust wireless connectivity to their customers and to prepare for 5G deployment,” stated Dan Watts, Segra’s vice president of product management and business development. “Our solution is backed by Segra’s reliable and dense state-of-the-art fiber network as well as our industry-leading customer service.”

The Case for In-Building Wireless Solutions

A massive increase in the number of devices localized in metropolitan areas with limited tower capacity drives competition for the bandwidth supplied by a single tower. In-building wireless solutions allow users to be off-loaded to lit building networks, which increases the performance of the local macro tower and ultimately the experience for the users. By off-loading traffic from high-rise buildings, vast campuses, crowded stadiums and hotel properties, Segra ensures end-users stay connected and have the best mobile experience possible.

In addition, public expectations that 5G will provide a faster, more advanced network connection than ever before put pressure on carriers to deliver a superior end-user experience. Providing 5G capabilities comes with the need for increased bandwidth availability as well as for devices located closer to transmitters for short RF band lengths. By providing lit buildings with wireless transmitters, carriers’ customers will experience the benefits of 5G.

By leveraging Segra’s experience, network and quality of service, carriers can immediately benefit from Segra’s solution and its support of in-building antennas, enterprise Wi-Fi, public safety networks, LTE small cells, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

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