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  • NG-PON2 Technology Forum
REDWOOD CITY, CA — The newly established NG-PON2 Technology Forum announced that several communications operators and vendors have joined its board of directors.

Established in April of 2016 as a non-profit corporation, the NG-PON2 Forum is an interest group of service providers, equipment suppliers, component vendors and analysts working toward a common goal of promoting the adoption of NG-PON2 broadband technology, which connects people, devices and technologies throughout the world.

Advanced fiber delivery mechanisms like NG-PON2 are the response to the accelerating demand for broadband services. Acknowledging this growth, the ITU recently approved the multi-wavelength aspect of the TWDM portion of NG-PON2 (ITU-T G.989 series), which dramatically increases the speeds and flexibility of NG-PON2 connections.

The NG-PON2 Forum board of directors will continue to strive to create a broad market for carrier adoption of this technology, increasing the volume of deployments and reducing the costs for both consumer and enterprise customers.

By championing the latest NG-PON2-based broadband access networks, the group aims to:

  • Drive a converged optical access network architecture and FTTP market development

  • Support all existing and upcoming broadband service offerings and the ever-increasing bandwidth demand

  • Support and promote new applications

  • Support and promote innovative technology advances in the broadband access market

  • Drive NG-PON2 enhancements such as Channel Bonding and higher rate options through the standards

  • Foster evolution of NG-PON2 to meet the continued need of consumers and businesses

Joining the Forum
The NG-PON2 Forum is a not-for-profit and volunteer organization. By joining the forum, operators, technologists, suppliers and their companies gain exposure to some of the most innovative vendors in the broadband community, the sharing of ideas and the ability to help steer and optimize the adoption of NG-PON2 technologies. There is no cost to join. The only commitment is time to attend various industry events where the NG-PON2 Forum will have a presence.

Please contact Bernd Hesse at for information on joining the organization and/or board of directors.


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