Shentel Equips Salesforce with Advanced Operating Tools

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EDINBURG, VA – In a concentrated effort to enhance delivery of the highest quality Internet, phone and TV services available, Shentel has launched an exciting suite of upgrades to their sales and distribution capabilities.

Utilizing mobile-based technology applications, Shentel’s direct sales representatives (DSR) and door to door (D2D) sales force will now be equipped with customized tablet devices, expanding the functions available to customers from their sales personnel. Innovative services now available will help not only in assisting the company’s sales personnel, but also to better serve Shentel customers through a variety of convenient tools and offerings.

New Levels of Quality Customer Service
“We’re extremely excited about the dynamic range of cutting-edge technology applications now equipping our sales and support teams,” said Tom Whitaker, vice president, cable. “Through the capabilities and services available by these advanced programs, Shentel’s salesforce is able to operate with an even greater base of efficiency and functionality, meaning a new level of quality service to our customers.”

In order to help deliver their new advanced capabilities, Shentel partnered with multiple technology service companies who specialize in developing programs which allow organizations to leverage ranges of data to help maximize efficiency. Partnerships include: SubscriberWise, a leading provider of subscriber analytics and decision management technology; and Realtime Results, one of the nation’s leading providers of mobile-based software for field sales and service.

“We’ve been hard at work perfecting our mobile solution for several years,” says Tom Brockhaus, Realtime Results VP of Business Development. “We’ve worked closely with sales companies, management and sales reps to craft a tool specifically to meet their needs.”

Capitalizing on information and functionality afforded through this technology, augmented services now available from Shentel sales associates include:

  • Mobile Sales – Customers are now able to purchase new products and services directly from their sales associate using mobile technology provided by Realtime Results, and portal applications by Shentel.

  • Credit Checks – Utilizing technology provided by SubscriberWise, sales representatives can run credit checks quickly and easily right from the customer’s front door, making the approval process and overall experience more convenient for both Shentel staff and consumers.

“We are delighted to be a part of this proud partnership with Shentel,” said David Howe, CEO for SubscriberWise. “Because of Shentel’s contributions to enhance existing SubscriberWise capabilities, service personnel will now operate with increased efficiency while also delivering a dynamic and positive customer sales experience.”

Later in the year, staff will be able to book appointments through the sales tablets. Shentel has developed a new appointment system which will allow service personnel to set, log and adjust appointments while on-the-go, providing customers with a more flexible range of times and assuring further accuracy in scheduling.


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