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NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO – T-commerce took a step forward into the American mainstream as HISTORY, Verizon and t-commerce provider Delivery Agent launched what they described as the first contextual commerce application for network programming. Previous t-commerce applications have involved either video on demand or shopping channels.

FiOS TV subscribers can now watch shows such as Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Ice Road Truckers on the A+E Network HISTORY channel and use their remote controls to purchase the merchandise they see.

For example, Pawn Stars enthusiasts can click to purchase classic bikes from Schwinn, vintage inspired consumer electronics from Crosley, Civil War and presidential memorabilia from The Franklin Mint, as well as the complete show season on DVD. (Note to anyone contemplating buying me a holiday gift: One of those giant ice trucks from Ice Road Truckers would be just the thing.)

“The HISTORY Shop application is an exciting first, because it enables viewers to see and buy things at the moment they’re most interested – while their favorite shows are on screen,” says Mark Garner, senior vice president, distribution business development, analytics & marketing for A+E Networks. “This is a great convenience for HISTORY fans and a great selling opportunity for us. And, since we’re selling many of the same products on TV that we offer online – and already know our viewers love – we’re confident they are going to enjoy this new way to shop.”

To access the application, viewers click on the HISTORY icon that appears on the TV screen. The application displays shopping items on the right-hand side of the TV screen while the television program runs on the left. Viewers can then use their remote controls to purchase items and check out securely with Delivery Agent’s TV Wallet. Viewers also can access the HISTORY Shop application through the FiOS TV Application Storefront under the Featured and Shopping categories.

Delivery Agent operates and manages online stores for more than 350 television shows and has secured the rights to market and sell more than 1 million products connected to television content, including A+E Network’s shows. With this HISTORY t-commerce initiative, Verizon, Delivery Agent and A+E Networks are beginning the migration of the network’s online shopping experiences to include television. “The technology advancements driving this ground-breaking television commerce initiative are extraordinary,” says Mike Fitzsimmons, Delivery Agent CEO. “This is the first time anyone has successfully aligned the goals and requirements of the three essential players in contextual television commerce; the entertainment television programmer, the television service provider and the brands/products seen in entertainment content. We’re thrilled to have the solution that drives television commerce forward.”


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