SiFi Networks and Pacific Grove Seal FTTH Deal

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LONDON and Pacific Grove, CA — SiFi Networks has signed a landmark deal with the coastal city of Pacific Grove, Calif. to bring high-speed broadband to the community. Residents and businesses are now being encouraged to visit SiFi/Your Local Area to register their interest in receiving super-fast Internet.

Pacific Grove is a small city located in Monterey County, California with a population of over 15,000. Famed for its historic appeal and butterfly sanctuaries, hence the title as Butterfly Town USA. Now however, progressive city officials have decided to take Pacific Grove into the 21st century, and signed a deal with SiFi Networks to bring high-speed internet connectivity to residents and businesses in the region.

Attracting Creative and Financial Services Companies

“The creation of this new fiber-to-the-home infrastructure will allow Pacific Grove to attract creative class, high-information users and financial services companies that previously had been unlikely to locate in Pacific Grove. This system will also provide our residents and visitors with best-in-the-world access to phone, video and Internet services. We are excited that SiFi Networks has chosen Pacific Grove as their preferred place to build one of their first two systems in California,” says Kurt Overmeyer, economic development director for the city of Pacific Grove.

This deal would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of key members within Pacific Grove’s council departments. The hard work has now paid off as SiFi Networks takes the next steps to making Pacific Grove a FiberCity. SiFi Networks intends to install their FOCUS solution, deploying FTTH infrastructure throughout the entire city, including the use of SiFi Networks patented Wastewater Fiber Technology (WFT).

Running Fiber Cable through Wastewater Networks
WFT provides a compelling alternative to conventional core fiber installation techniques by providing a means of running fiber cables through sanitary and storm wastewater networks. The benefits WFT provides can reduce costs, shorten deployment times and minimize disruption for citizens in the community.

SiFi Networks proposes to fund and build a gigabit-ready network throughout the city. Once complete the infrastructure will be leased to service providers, bringing speeds of up to 20 times faster Internet than is currently available in the city.

A Platform for Economic Growth
Scott Bradshaw, president SiFi Networks America quoted, “A FiberCity provides future-proofed communications infrastructure which shall last generations, providing a vital platform for economic growth drawing new entrepreneurs to the community and securing existing businesses.” Mr Bradshaw continued to say that “it isn’t just businesses that benefit, residential consumers will open up countless new capabilities: HD TV, video calls, eHealth, remote home security, improved gaming to name just a few.”

SiFi Networks has a wealth of experience within the company, from telecommunications to construction, enabling them to create innovative solutions for the deployment of FTTH. This contract with Pacific Grove is sure to be a catalyst as other cities realise the benefits of becoming a FiberCity SiFi Networks FTTH. Work will now begin to design the network and engage with service providers interested in serving Pacific Grove.


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