SiFi Networks and Town of Westerly Press Ahead to Get Gigabit Internet

  • SiFi Networks
WESTERLY, RI — The Town of Westerly, Rhode Island, has selected SiFi Networks as its partner to fund, build, operate and maintain a gigabit-ready network throughout the town, bringing greater choices and prices to the community.

SiFi Networks’ Co-Founder Mike Harris has developed many FTTH networks with much experience in setting up open access platforms where many service providers can reach their customers over the same fiber optic cable. "Our 'FiberCity' provides a future-proof communications infrastructure that will last generations enabling a vital platform for economic growth drawing new entrepreneurs to the community and securing existing business,” Harris commented.

The FTTH network developer has been working in the municipal broadband market since 2012, its patented technology has been successfully deployed in Wichita. The premise of the model is for the Town and SiFi Networks to work together not to compete with the private sector but to enable true competition over a common infrastructure. SiFi Networks will fund, build and maintain the network meaning the town won’t have to draw on additional staff or carry risks for operations, the town will then license access to the network from SiFi Networks and in turn license that access onto ISPs generating revenue for the town.


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