SiFi Networks to Build Privately Funded Open Access FiberCity in Fullerton, CA

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LOS ANGELES — International fiber optic network developer SiFi Networks (SiFi) will deliver a privately funded open access FiberCity in Fullerton, California. Fullerton is set to become the biggest network of its kind in America and will be funded by the Smart City Infrastructure Fund, a global investment fund managed by Whitehelm Capital and backed by APG, a pension delivery organization in the Netherlands. SiFi aims to deliver more networks throughout the USA in the same manner. Fullerton will be the first FiberCity with several cities already in line to be next.
“We are excited to deliver our first FiberCity in the US, an investment that sets the standard for fiber optic infrastructure as a core utility. We believe that our business model can transform the telecoms market in the US. Privately funded, open access networks will not only benefit residents and businesses, but also provide citywide platforms for Smart City applications including 5G and more,” stated Ben Bawtree-Jobson, CEO of SiFi Networks.

Smart City Initiatives in Key Government Services
The network will provide a significant upgrade to internet speeds and accommodate the growing demand for data from next generation devices in households and businesses. It will also facilitate new Smart City initiatives in key government services such as traffic control, street lighting and emergency services. The network will also provide a platform for the future expansion of 4G and 5G cellular networks into the area.
“We are delighted to welcome SiFi Networks and its ISP partners Ting and GigabitNow to the city,” stated Fullerton City Manager, Ken Domer.  “Having a true fiber optic network passing every part of the city is an amazing opportunity for Smart City applications, bringing competition to the city’s communication needs, and creating enhanced opportunities for economic development.”
SiFi funds, builds and operates the network whilst partnering with Internet Service Providers who bring their marketing and customer service expertise to deliver retail services (internet, TV and voice) to residents and businesses throughout the entire city without demographic segmentation. The Internet Service Providers in Fullerton will be GigabitNow and Ting, both exceptional providers with excellent customer service levels and competitive pricing.


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