Slic Doubles Internet Speed in St. Lawrence and Franklin Counties, N.Y.

  • Slic Network Solutions
POTSDAM, NY — Slic Network Solutions announced that its has doubled Internet speeds for its residential customers in St. Lawrence and Franklin counties, without any service calls, equipment replacements or price increases as part of a recent "silent" and painless upgrade. Slic Network Solutions delivers fiber optic based high-speed Internet, phone, and television services to 23 communities throughout northern New York.

Slic's approach to the upgrade is a dramatically different experience for customers when compared to other Internet suppliers and underscores the company's customer-first approach. Other providers often require customers to order new equipment, schedule an installation, or do a self-install, and then have them to call in to activate a new modem. Now with the speed boost, and depending on their service package, customers can receive ultra fast, equivalent download and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps, or fast enough to download an entire music album in less than 10 seconds.

"Our system-wide speed increase provides customers with the fastest and best Internet available to full-time and seasonal residents in the two-county region, at the same prices they were paying before," said Phil Wagschal, president, Slic Network Solutions. "The combination of the fastest speeds and low pricing are unique to Slic as cable, DSL, mobile Internet and satellite technologies currently offered in the area by the wired and wireless broadband providers, deliver significantly slower upload speeds."

All Fiber Network
The faster speeds were provided without any price increase and was made possible due to Slic's forethought to build an all fiber optic-based network. Fiber deployments are inherently faster, more economically maintained and efficiently upgradeable than networks based on older technologies.

"Those are the benefits of building out a fiber optic-based Internet service," added Wagschal. "With the type of network architecture and physical deployment we have in place, Slic can increase speeds and make system-wide network improvements rapidly, at far lower cost than traditional last-mile broadband networks."

The increased download speeds provide customers faster reception of large files. They also receive the benefit of crystal clear streaming of live and recorded HD audio from Pandora, Spotify, and NPR and the growing number of HD video services like iTunes, CBS All Access, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, MLB, WWE, Amazon, YouTube, YipTV, and others. Slic's Internet service delivers razor-sharp HD video, without any additional buffering when streamed or any delays when downloading.

More Devices without a Slowdown
The quicker upload speeds offer faster backups to the cloud, significant time savings when uploading photos to Facebook or other social media platforms, and the ability to have more computers, tablets and smartphones connected without any slowdown in performance. Slic's stable upload speeds also enable crystal clear video and voice conferencing and calling, while network-wide low latency provides a real benefit to gamers.


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