Slic Network Solutions Selects Calix Gear for Stimulus Project

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PETALUMA, CA - Broadband stimulus award winner Slic Network Solutions selected the Calix B6 Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN) with GPON technology for its new broadband network in St. Lawrence County, N.Y.

Slic's new project complements another stimulus-funded buildout in unserved regions of neighboring Franklin Country. For both networks, Slic will use the B6 ESAN platform and Calix's 700GE family of optical network terminals to bring voice, Internet and IPTV services to rural residents in northern New York.

Together, the two projects will serve 6,556 residences and 181 businesses and anchor institutions and will cost more than $33 million.

"The advanced broadband services that these projects will bring to our region are critical to closing the digital divide that exists between those in population centers and those in rural areas," says Phil Wagschal, president of Slic. "Our stimulus initiatives will enable us to bring a world-class broadband infrastructure to rural parts of northern New York that historically had no access to high-speed data services. We see Calix as a key partner to the success of these projects, as they bring advanced, scalable solutions to our region."

The project in St. Lawrence County, which will include 660 route miles of fiber optic cable, is funded by a $20.9 million grant and a $6.9 million loan from the Rural Utilities Service. (Typically, about 15 percent of an FTTH project goes for access equipment.)


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