SLT Launches 100 Mbps FTTH Ultra-Fast Broadband in Sri Lanka

  • Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT)
COLOMBO, SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the national ICT solutions provider, announced that it has launched the country’s first fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband services covering major markets, greatly enhancing the broadband footprint in Sri Lanka. Being the largest communication backbone network operator, SLT ensures that residential, business, public sector, carriers and ISPs in the country including multi-storied buildings have access to 100 Mbps download speeds as the company announced its ultra-fast broadband service through FTTH technology.

Among the SLT Broadband packages, Web Master, Web Champ and Web Life are offered with 100 Mbps download speed and Web Family, Web Surfer and Web Pro are offered with 50 Mbps download speed through the FTTH connection. Also existing Peo TV packages with HD channels will be available as an option.

Anusha Palpita, director general of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) said, “The communication backbone network in the country is a critical national asset and we expect to better utilize NBN to bring better results. Today, we see the demand for data increasing exponentially around the globe. Evermore, the telecommunications industry in Sri Lanka is probably one which has experienced one of the fastest transformations within the global economy. SLT’s active participation in industry level developments is very much needed at this stage of the country’s growth. I believe, SLT’s FTTH deployment is one of the most significant enhancements as well as a major milestone in the telecommunications sector in Sri Lanka. I wish to congratulate SLT for their efforts in deploying state-of-the-art ICT platforms for the benefit of the entire industry as a whole.”

An Inclusive Digital Economy
Lalith De Silva, SLT group CEO, said, “SLT’s leadership role in the ICT sphere is well recognized and continues to provide the best services to enterprises, government institutions, SMEs and all other consumers and most importantly to other telecom service providers. At present, nearly half a million households are connected to SLT Broadband services and we are seeking to connect them in the future through the world's most reliable connectivity option - fiber to the home/fiber to the building - to upgrade and enhance user experience and also to empower users with endless possibilities and unlimited opportunities. It will also accelerate the move towards an inclusive digital economy and a SMART Sri Lanka, fully supportive of the GoSL’s vision of expanding the broadband footprint of the country with the ultimate aim of improving living standards of Sri Lankans."

Through an FTTH connection, users will have access to multiple-services such as high definition channels on Peo TV, high speed internet access, DATA services, video on demand, Wi-Fi, VoIP, live feeds, online education, online gaming, teleworking, video conferencing and e-services with immense freedom and without any bandwidth limitations. Ultra-fast FTTH broadband access also enables substantial productivity gains for the small and medium enterprises and micro-level businesses across the country, giving them access to cloud computing and e-application benefits that can easily be served from a typical FTTH network with the highest reliability ensuring huge advantages. The company believes there will be a definite exponential demand within the next few years.


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