Small Ontario Town Gets Fast Fiber Network from Vianet

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SUDBURY, ONTARIO, CANADA - Vianet, a communications service provider in Ontario and Quebec, announced the launch of its fiber-to-the-home network throughout Chapleau, Ontario, a community of about 2,000 residents.

For the past three years, Vianet has built out its fiber network through the main arteries of Sudbury, the town where it is headquartered, and offered fiber optic services to Sudbury businesses at prices comparable to less reliable and slower DSL and cable Internet services. In November 2011, the company began expanding FTTH service into residential neighborhoods of Sudbury.

When Vianet purchased the Superior TV cable television system in Chapleau, about 200 miles north, it decided to replace the outdated and limited coax cable network with a next-generation fiber optic network. It constructed new fiber optic backbone and distribution lines throughout Chapleau and turned up multiple, redundant fiber optic links to connect Chapleau to Vianet's core Ontario backbone network. These lines are now being extended directly to the homes of Chapleau residents, replacing the old copper lines and enabling the newest, best HD television services, fastest Internet service and reliable, affordable telephone service.

Vianet comments, "We are committed to bringing next-generation technologies to the communities we serve and are proud to be able to offer northern Ontario towns with cutting-edge technologies normally reserved for large cities."


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