Smithville Launches $2.7 Million Rural Gigabit Fiber Network Expansion in Indiana

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SHARPSVILLE, IN — A new gigabit era arrived in Tipton and southern parts of Howard counties in August, when Smithville, a national Top 100 Broadband company based in southern Indiana, lit up the first of more than 500 homes with fiber-based internet, according to Darby McCarty, CEO and chairman of Smithville. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, along with Ms. McCarty, Smithville President Paul Quick, Smithville Executive Vice President Cullen McCarty, and other state and local leaders assembled on the Baird Family Farm in northern Tipton County to celebrate the first connection for the $2.7 million project.

As part of the comprehensive project, which is partially funded by the Indiana Next Level Connections (NLC) Broadband Grant program, Smithville deployed 36 miles of new fiber-optics and upgraded network equipment to deliver its premium gigabit-speed internet to the rural region near Sharpsville, Indiana. The company also upgraded 117 existing copper-based-service customers to fiber connectivity.

“This type of project achieves high-speed rural fiber connectivity to underserved areas of Indiana, bringing new advantages and possibilities to Hoosiers,” said Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch. “Smithville’s investment and vision help fulfill what Gov. Eric Holcomb and the state supports to connect Hoosiers through the Indiana Next Level Connections Broadband program.”

Supporting Technology-based Precision Agriculture

Smithville’s expansion of high-capacity, high-speed fiber will help resolve a current challenge facing many Hoosier farmers who don’t currently have access to reliable, fast internet. “Access to Smithville’s high-speed network will enable farmers to employ technology-based precision agriculture techniques and other applications,” explained Smithville President Paul Quick, who pointed out that the region is home to some of the most productive farmland in the state.

“With Smithville’s high-speed network, area rural residents will have expanded opportunities to both work securely from home and to operate and expand home-based businesses in the region, including agricultural operations and new access to education and healthcare resources,” said Quick. “High-speed fiber connectivity has a major play in all of that.”



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