S&N Partners with Bechtel to Build Fiber Optic Networks

  • Bechtel
  • S&N Communications
KERNERSVILLE, NC — S&N Communications, a U.S. provider of construction and maintenance services to telecom, cable and utility companies in 35 states, has partnered with Bechtel, a global engineering, construction and project management company to design and construct fiber optic networks in several major U.S. cities. S&N finalized this partnership after Bechtel was awarded multiple contracts for these network deployments.

Placing aerial and underground fiber responsibly requires an intense review of existing municipality infrastructure, including roads and underground utility paths; detailed design and permitting, and well-planned construction and fiber installation to minimize disruption to local communities. “This partnership enhances our ability to scale operations rapidly to deliver several large markets simultaneously in a cost efficient manner,” says Donn Grimm, senior vice president and general manager, Bechtel Communications business line. “S&N’s leadership team, construction expertise and innovative approach are among the best in the industry.”

Work has already begun in three markets in the Southeast, including Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. “We’re thrilled to partner with Bechtel to build out the infrastructure for new fiber networks in these cities,” says Allen Powell, CEO and president of S&N. “Bechtel is a world-class company with a history of delivering projects that positively impact communities and the people who live in them.”


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