Socket Brings Fiber Broadband to Homes in Fayette, Missouri

  • Socket
COLUMBIA, MO — Socket, a Missouri-based telephone and Internet service provider, announced the expansion of its fiber-optic broadband services to residential customers in Fayette, bringing ultra-fast internet and reliable telephone service to homes in the area.

Construction of the fiber-optic network began in 2016, with priority placed on connecting local businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities. Due to interest expressed by area residents who also wanted access to fiber, Socket has since expanded the initial project to several residential neighborhoods in Fayette. The first home users were connected earlier this month.

Fiber is considered to be a future-proof technology, since its large bandwidth capacity will be able to accommodate increased internet usage for decades to come. Speeds for residential customers start at 100 Mbps, and local telephone service is also available. For more information, visit


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