SoftAtHome Launches 4K-Ultra HDTV for Immersive Home Cinema

  • SoftAtHome
PARIS and DUBAI - SoftAtHome, a provider of home operating platforms enabling convergent services for the digital home, is launching HEVC decoding delivering true Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos at a resolution of 3840*2160.

“As UHD TV prices tumble, SoftAtHome believes that UHD 4K will represent a new opportunity for operators to create a truly immersive ‘cinema at home’ offering, updating their own devices in the process, leveraging available bandwidth (fiber, satellite, cable)," said Frederic Maizeret, SoftAtHome’s VP of sales. "This is an opportunity to re-establish pay TV as a core component of the evolving multiplay offerings and provide a highly differentiated offer in the market.”

DVB broadcasters may have an early head start, but the rapid adoption of HEVC should level the playing field to include IP operators also. With an abundance of 4K-cinema content available, VoD offerings can be operational at once. By supporting the emerging HEVC compression technology, SoftAtHome’s solutions help operators future-proof their devices and give them the opportunity to start educating their subscribers as of now.

Built on its solid and unified modular software platform, SOP6, SoftAtHome solutions are deployed by tier-one operators in Europe, Africa and Middle-East. SoftAtHome expertise allows its operator customers to better position themselves and create growth opportunities in a very competitive market with global players looking for disruptive technologies.


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