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SAN FRANCISCO — Sonic, an independent internet service provider in California, announced a partnership with eero inc, creator of the first whole home Wi-Fi mesh system, to help customers improve their Wi-Fi across their entire home. Sonic customers will now have access to faster, reliable, and more secure WiFi through the eero system, designed to ensure every area of a customer’s home receives consistent coverage.

“Traditional gateway solutions have limited range and bandwidth, resulting in slower speeds or buffering when covering longer distances or faced with wireless network interference,” said Dane Jasper, co-founder and CEO of Sonic. “That’s one of the reasons we’ve partnered with eero to equip our customers with the ability to boost their Wi-Fi connection and ensure every part of their home has consistent access to high-speed internet. As Wi-Fi internet access has become a necessity in the home, we’re constantly thinking about how we can provide our customers the fastest, most reliable internet on every connected device, and this is the latest example of how we’re doing exactly that.”

In pairing Sonic Internet with the eero system, consumers will have access to:

  • Whole-Home Wi-Fi: eero blankets a customer’s entire home in fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi. With a network that expands to fit the needs of the home, customers can finally stream, work, and play from anywhere.

  • Network Privacy: Every aspect of the eero system is protected with automatic security improvements that are updated regularly, ensuring the network is always secure.

  • TrueMesh Technology: With eero’s TrueMesh technology, connections balance dynamically whenever an obstacle is identified. Instead of a connection slowing down due to a congested point, eero simply reroutes traffic to keep things running smoothly.

“We built eero so that people never had to worry about their Wi-Fi again, and for technology to fade into the background of the home. We want people to stay connected without having to think about their WiFi or worry about digital home security,” said Nate Hardison, co-founder and head of product, eero. “Sonic understands that as consumers increasingly depend on Wi-Fi in the home to work, stream content, and play games, it’s important to have a system that provides the reliability everyone needs.”

This announcement follows Sonic’s earlier expansions of its Gigabit Fiber product to neighborhoods including the Mission, East Bay, South San Francisco, and other key Bay Area neighborhoods. Sonic Gigabit Fiber delivers internet access at up to 1000 Mbps — 20 times faster than the average download speed in America. As the Cisco Visual Networking Index projects that more than half of internet connections will come via a Wi-Fi network, Sonic continues to be at the forefront in delivering consumers high-speed internet access.

Sonic will offer the eero Base, powerful tri-band router, at $8 per month and the eero Beacon, a compact and cordless version of eero, at $4 per month.



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