Sonic to offer $40/Month Fiber Internet and Phone in Brentwood, CA

SANTA ROSA, CA —, an Internet and telephone service provider, has announced the build-out of Gigabit Fiber Internet service in the Bay Area city of Brentwood, Calif. will offer Gigabit Fiber Internet plus unlimited phone service for $40 per month. Gigabit, or 1000 Mbps, fiber Internet connectivity is 100 times faster than the average broadband speed in America. Brentwood residents, businesses and schools can count on mind-boggling fast downloads, seamless video chatting and super-fast gaming. CEO and co-founder, Dane Jasper, says “ will deliver the city of Brentwood the fastest, cheapest Internet and phone service in the United States.”

“We’re very proud to help create the largest Gigabit Internet network in the Bay Area,” said city manager Paul Eldredge. “This new infrastructure will position Brentwood as one of the best places in the East Bay for businesses which require ultra-high speed Internet access.”

Dane Jasper believes that the city of Brentwood will serve as a model for development in other cities, stating: “Brentwood did a great job with infrastructure planning and access, which helped facilitate building out the gigabit Internet.”


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