South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative Selects Harmonic's ProStream 9100

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SAN JOSE, CA — South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative (SCRTC), a telecommunications provider in Kentucky, has selected Harmonic's ProStream 9100 stream processor and transcoder to power its digital TV services. As one of the industry's highest density solutions for processing and transcoding SD and HD video and audio, ProStream 9100 with ACE enables SCRTC to cost-effectively and reliably deliver amazing video quality to subscribers.

"In the telco business, delivering a reliable and high-quality video service is extremely important to retain subscribers," said Kyle Jones, telcom manager, SCRTC. "Since we plugged in Harmonic's ProStream 9100, it has performed flawlessly, ensuring no interruption to our television service. Furthermore, only the ProStream 9100 delivers excellent video quality at the lowest possible bit rates, all while reducing our rack space and power requirements. The ProStream 9100 is increasing the viewing satisfaction of our customers and minimizing our operating costs."

SCRTC has integrated the new ProStream 9100 with an existing Harmonic ProStream 1000 real-time stream processor and transcoder for increased efficiency and for redundancy. From a single rack unit, ProStream 9100 can perform MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video and audio transcoding for 60 SD or 20 HD broadcast channels. In addition, the high-performance solution supports multiple complex digital processing applications, including digital turnaround, any-to-any audio and video transcoding, linear ad insertion, and live adaptive streaming, maximizing operational efficiencies for SCRTC.

Ultra High-Density Architecture
The ProStream 9100 features an ultra-high-density architecture that dramatically reduces the amount of rack space SCRTC needs for processing and transcoding, increasing the operator's power efficiency and lowering its capital and operational expenses. With modular audio/video processing modules and next-generation, high-capacity IP processing cards, ProStream 9100 provides SCRTC with the flexibility and workflow versatility critical for delivering an increasing number of high-quality TV channels. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to the processing cards and hot-swappable dual power supplies and fan assemblies behind a removable front panel, reducing SCRTC's service downtime, increasing the operator's ability to generate revenue.


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