South Dakota Telco Adds 200 Video Subscribers with Innovative Systems' IPTV

  • Innovative Systems
  • West River Cooperative Telephone Company
BISON SD — A combination of fiber deployment, bundling and local customer service are helping West River Coop Telephone (WRCTC) in South Dakota to grow their video business as they switch from RF Cable to IPTV. According to WRCTC general manager Colle Nash, in a short time without any outside promotion, they have added almost 200 new video subscribers. Nash says a desire to serve all their Coop members with video and an aging RF cable system were the contributing factors in moving to IPTV.

APMAX IPTV Middleware Solution

WRCTC is using Innovative Systems' APMAX IPTV Middleware solution that is driving word of mouth and helping them to add new customers. Nash says the Weather App and Restart TV are two favorites and looks forward to having all of their customers migrated over when they shut down their RF plant later this summer.

Eric Kahler, WRCTC's manager of telecom operations, says they recognize the importance of middleware to the customer experience and after researching several middleware vendors, they kept coming back to the APMAX solution. Kahler added that the vendor’s onsite training was extremely valuable and anytime they have had a need for support, Innovative’s response has been quick and efficient.

Satellite Customers Love Going Local
Nash says the bundling of their TV service with WRCTC's phone and internet make it an easy decision for satellite subscribers to make the switch. Pricing, which in many cases is lower, along with local service and support have additional satellite TV subscribers committing to make the switch once their contracts expire.

WRCTC has been in business for over 63 years and completed their FTTH project in 2011, making it possible for every subscriber on their system to acquire high-speed internet, phone and IPTV. WRCTC serves Northwestern South Dakota and parts of North Dakota with phone, video and internet.


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