South Dakota Telco Moves to APMAX IPTV Middleware

  • Innovative Systems
CLEAR LAKE, SD - ITC, a South Dakota telco serving 15,000 customers, is putting its new IPTV customers onto Innovative Systems' APMAX middleware solution.

According to Ren Preheim, ITC's network operations manager, "We are putting our new customers on the APMAX middleware in our current FTTH projects, and at present we are seeing fewer operations issues than we do with our legacy system." With an initial cap and grow strategy, ITC will analyze set top box depreciation and gradually phase other customers onto the APMAX Middleware.

With hundreds of ITC's subscribers now on the new system ITC Outside Plant Supervisor Terry Pederson cites better quality of service and more customer features as advantages of the Innovative Middleware solution. The most significant improvement, however, is the ability to quickly solve common input and channel control issues from the ITC service center using the virtual remote feature.


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