South Euclid Investigates Expansion of Fiber Footprint with Big Gig Grant

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CLEVELAND, OH — The city of South Euclid is investigating the expansion of its existing OneCommunity ultra high-speed broadband network after becoming a recipient of monies from OneCommunity’s Big Gig Challenge Grant.

According to representatives from the city of South Euclid, its award-winning proposal defined an opportunity to grow the network along the South Green Road Corridor. The efforts to introduce fiber are focusing on providing service to South Euclid’s municipal facilities in addition to potentially extending service to its industrial area.

"The City of South Euclid is pleased to be selected as a recipient of the Big Gig Challenge Grant. We value our partnership with OneCommunity and the work they are doing to create a more connected and dynamic region. In the past year, OneCommunity connected our medical-educational corridor to their high-speed fiber network which serves as a great business attraction and retention tool for our community,” says Georgine Welo, Mayor, city of South Euclid.

Planning a Streamlined Solution for Municipal Services
At the present time, the city’s administrative offices, police and fire departments, community center and service complex contract with a host of different telecommunication providers. In hopes of a more streamlined, cost-effective solution for municipal services, the city will investigate contracting with an exclusive provider in the future to provide more efficient and effective service delivery. It is also considering further construction of fiber to encompass the city’s pools and parks thereby providing Wi-Fi access to residents.

“The expansion of the fiber network will give South Euclid a decided advantage over other communities when soliciting new businesses and industry,” according to Lev Gonick, CEO, OneCommunity. “This pro-growth move is an indicator of the ambitious plans in this city. We applaud Mayor Welo and her staff for their ambitious, well-targeted concepts.”

In order to be considered for the Big Gig Grant, eligible grant funds were required to be earmarked for municipally-led, community-wide fiber construction projects. Funding was required through a public-private partnership approach with the grant funding accounting for up to 25 percent of the total project costs awarded the grantee.

Parties accepting the Big Gig Challenge were asked to submit letters of interest detailing project goals, desired economic outcomes and potential community anchor institutions. Final entries were evaluated by a review committee comprised of OneCommunity staff and select industry partners.


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