Southco Announces Lightweight Multi-Point Swinghandle for Outdoor Telecom Enclosures

  • Southco
CONCORDVILLE, PA – Southco has announced that its H3 Swinghandle Multi-Point System is now available in a lightweight, nylon version to reduce weight and cost when designing for outdoor enclosure applications. The H3 Swinghandle Multi-Point System is available with multiple offset cams, multi-point latching, locking and non-locking options.

Constructed of glass-filled nylon, this lightweight latch provides durable performance with a flammable-resistant exterior in a compact profile. Independent specification of the latch body, cam, actuator plate assembly, extension rods and lockplugs allow for easy configuration for single- or multi-point latching, suiting most enclosure sizes and designs.

Flexible locking options simplify access control security for telecommunications cabinetry. A built-in lock cylinder accepts standard Southco PK lockplugs and tool-access drivers. Lockplugs can be provided by Southco or by the end user while designers can choose to install either single, multiple or custom key codes.


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