Spectra Selects Nokia for Broadband Service Expansion in India

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DELHI, INDIA — Spectra, an Indian ISP, has selected Nokia's IP/MPLS routing and GPON fiber solutions to build out its network to meet customer demand for high-performance broadband services. Spectra will be the first ISP in Bangalore to offer 1 Gbps services with unlimited bandwidth at a competitive price for both residential and enterprise customers.

Spectra is one of the fastest growing Indian ISPs and its aggressive broadband offer is changing the competitive landscape in Bangalore. Its customers, many of whom are demanding more bandwidth, are being offered a 'step jump' in bandwidth, service quality and reach, at very competitive price points. This has significantly changed how broadband is consumed in the region, contributing to the Indian government's goal of making India one of the top ten countries worldwide for broadband. A testament to this is the fact that Spectra continues to lead the Netflix ISP SpeedIndex for India over other legacy providers.

Spectra is aiming to provide broadband networks to key metro markets in India to meet data-driven demand for services like video streaming. The Nokia IP/MPLS solution will provide an IP aggregation, Edge and core network based on the 7210 Service Access Switch (SAS) and 7750 Service Router (SR) for the network roll-out in Bangalore. The Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) will handle end-to-end service provisioning and network assurance that will ensure high quality while lowering operational costs for Spectra.

Nokia 7360 ISAM FX GPON Solution
Nokia also is also providing its 7360 ISAM FX GPON solution to provide faster broadband speeds to customers and create the network foundation essential for future ultra-broadband services. The enhanced fiber network will allow Spectra to address the emerging ultra-broadband needs of its customers and deliver best-in-class services

About the Nokia Solution

  • The Nokia 7210 SAS and 7750 SR will provide Ethernet-based IP/MPLS routing supporting a broadband network gateway (BNG) function for residential subscriber management.

  • The Nokia 7750 SR will also act as an edge router for dynamic business VPNs, internet access, cloud, and data center interconnect services, providing high-performance IP routing for dynamic enterprise VPN services.

  • The network will be managed end to end by the NSP. The NSP and Service Router Operating System (SROS) ensures automated, on-demand networking.
    Nokia will also provide consulting on network and OSS design to help Spectra to meet its ambitious roll-out plan, with services to go-live in Q2 2017.

  • Using Nokia's 7360 ISAM FX GPON solution Spectra will be able to provide faster broadband speeds to customers and create the network foundation essential for future ultra-broadband service.

  • The Nokia 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX is a high-capacity access node that addresses mass-market fiber deployments, allowing smooth evolution to next-generation fiber technologies.


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