Spot On Networks Announces RadioBoost Emergency Responder

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NEW HAVEN, CT — Spot On Networks, a wireless ISP and wireless consulting company representing residential and commercial tenants, announces RadioBoost- Emergency Responder (ER), a public safety radio frequency booster system that brings outdoor radio coverage inside of a building. This system provides first responders with emergency communications radio coverage in the areas where they need it most including hallways, corridors, garages and subterranean levels.

In post-9/11 United States, regulations have been made at the national, state and local levels mandating emergency responder communication coverage for building occupancy. RadioBoost-ER fulfills the requirements for national, state or local ordinance that mandates coverage. RadioBoost-ER provides coverage in the 150 MHz (VHF), 450 MHZ (UHF) and 700/800 (LMR) bands with the ability to provide coverage in future bands as mandated.

Reliable Coverage for First Responder Personnel

Today’s new building construction is built with energy-saving low-emissions glass, concrete and steel which are notorious for blocking radio and cellular frequency from penetrating a building and can result in emergency response communication gaps. Building owners need to provide RadioBoost-ER or similar radio frequency coverage within their buildings to provide reliable coverage for fire fighters, police and other first responder personnel. RadioBoost-ER creates safer buildings in the event of an emergency.

CellBoost Family of Services
RadioBoost-ER is part of the CellBoost Family of Services. In 2012, Spot On Networks released the CellBoost Family of Services, a line of products developed to solve problems related to poor radio frequency coverage inside of buildings. The first CellBoost product, a carrier-agnostic service, brings outdoor cellular coverage inside of a building allowing residents and staff to user their cellphones inside. The CellBoost Family of Services now includes 3G cellular coverage, 4G cellular coverage and coverage in the Emergency Responder bands.

“RadioBoost-ER was developed so that building owners can protect their buildings, residents and staff by providing adequate emergency responder radio coverage,” stated Dick Sherwin, president and CEO of Spot On Networks, “More and more we are seeing mandated regulations at various levels of government relating to Emergency Responder coverage and RadioBoost-ER fulfills this need for building owners. Spot On has been at the forefront of solving in-building wireless coverage issues, especially as it relates to new construction since the early 2000s and we are proud that RadioBoost-ER is dedicated to creating safer properties for our customers.”


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