Spot On Releases NetPulse360, Network Monitoring Web Application

  • Spot On Networks
NEW HAVEN, CT - Spot On Networks, which provides managed Wi-Fi solutions to the multi-tenant industry, announced the beta release of its NetPulse360 network monitoring web application.

NetPulse360 allows Spot On Networks residential property customers, including property owners, managers and leasing agents, to monitor the health of their Wi-Fi networks in real time. NetPulse360 includes a suite of features allowing senior-level property personnel to create new user identification codes, view live splash pages, reduce bandwidth to certain users, etc., in addition to access to network user analytics and Wi-Fi network health information. NetPulse360 was designed to allow property owners to monitor their Wi-Fi networks from laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere there is an Internet connection.

“Our relationships with many of the top multifamily residential owners and managers in the U.S. have led us to believe that the future of multi-tenant Wi-Fi lies not only in providing reliable coverage and capacity but in the ability to provide insight into both network health and user behavior,” said Tom Doyle, president of Spot On Networks. Mr. Doyle added, “Our mission with NetPulse360 was to create an easy-to-use web application that would fulfill the network monitoring and network control functionality that building owners desire.”

NetPulse360 Beta features include:

  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring

  • Access point monitoring

  • Monitoring of one Wi-Fi network or multiple networks in a portfolio

  • Different access levels for property owners, property managers and staff

  • View and monitor network users and gain insight into how tenants are using the network

  • Download analytic reports

  • View property splash pages

  • Generate registration tokens for new residents

Other network monitoring web applications will only work with one brand of network equipment often causing properties to choose between having network monitoring and having the right equipment to provide the best property coverage. NetPulse360 is a technology agnostic approach to traditional network monitoring applications allowing for the monitoring of multiple equipment brands supported by Spot On Networks.


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