Spot On Turns on Free Wi-Fi at Queensbridge Houses, Creates Jobs for Residents

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NEW HAVEN, CT — Spot On Networks (SON), a wireless Internet service provider to the multifamily industry, has turned on Queensbridge Connected, the free community-wide Wi-Fi network that is being deployed throughout Queensbridge Houses in partnership with the New York City Housing Authority. The Queensbridge Connected Wi-Fi network is being built in phases with the first phase completed, the Block F phase, consisting of four clusters of 15 buildings containing approximately 600 residential units. SON is currently in the process of building and testing the second phase of the network, Block E, which is projected to be live before the end of the year.

The Queensbridge Connected free Wi-Fi network will be one of the largest affordable housing, community-wide Wi-Fi network in the United States upon its completion with high speed WiFi access being live across 26 clusters of 95 buildings in two adjacent complexes.

Hiring from within the Queensbridge Community
SON has opened an on-site customer care center for residents and support at Queensbridge Houses, 10-35 41st. Ave., Long Island City, NY. In addition to SON’s 24/7 customer support, residents have the option of getting in-person support at Queensbridge Houses. SON is currently employing two full-time and three part-time Queensbridge residents as part of their staff and has committed to creating more jobs and hiring from within the Queensbridge community.

“We are honored to be bringing Wi-Fi to Queensbridge Houses,” said Dick Sherwin, CEO of Spot On Networks. “Along with Mayor de Blasio we deeply believe that all New York City residents, regardless of income, should have access to secure and reliable wireless broadband. We are thrilled to be the WiFi provider for Queensbridge Houses and are committed to providing an extraordinary service to Queensbridge residents as well as employment opportunities to those looking for work.”

The Queensbridge Connected Wi-Fi network will offer speeds up to 25 Mbps, unlimited data usage, Wi-Fi calling capability, seamless roaming and 24/7 customer support, providing Queensbridge residents connectivity and access to educational and employment resources. SON was recently designated as a Lifeline Broadband Provider by the Federal Communications Commission. SON’s application for Lifeline Broadband Provider designation is indicative of SON’s commitment to provide broadband and wireless services to those most in need.

Queensbridge Houses
Queensbridge is the largest public housing development in North America with 3,149 units and an estimated 7,000 residents across 26 clusters of 95 buildings in two adjacent complexes. The contract is to provide wireless Internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps to each household as well as network monitoring and management with a 24/7 help desk for Queensbridge residents and staff. The Queensbridge Wi-Fi network will include high speed wireless Internet for laptops, smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi calling capability with quality of service and integration for the Internet of Things. The Queensbridge Wi-Fi network will allow many residents to save money on comprehensive data services while having access to Wi-Fi calling using their smartphones, thus comporting with the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline Report and Order of April 27, 2016 bridging the digital divide.


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