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OAKLAND, CASRT Communications (SRT), the largest telephone cooperative in North Dakota, is expanding its network to reach 5,800 additional subscribers with IPTV and video services via ADSL2+ and fiber to the home. SRT will use the MXK multiservice access platform from Zhone Technologies along with Microsoft Mediaroom, a leading IPTV middleware platform.

SRT serves 48,000 customers, including consumers, businesses and governmental agencies, and currently provides broadband and dial-up Internet services, wireless service and cable TV as well as traditional telephone, leased line, voicemail and long-distance voice services. After a year-long trial with Zhone, SRT decided to use the MXK for SRTVision, its new video offering. SRT is also one of Zhone's first customers, having deployed the MALC MSAN solution almost a decade ago when SRT was seeking an extendable and cost-effective solution to deliver broadband services to its customers.

"Zhone has proven to be a valuable partner in our growth strategy over the years, providing the technology solutions and support needed to design flexible access networks for our multi-play service needs," notes Shawn Grosz, director of network technology for SRT Communications. "Zhone's support of the Microsoft Mediaroom platform, their overall responsiveness during the trial phase and the ability of the MXK system to effectively support our unique mix of multicast and unicast network traffic needs will help improve our ability to deliver IPTV services effectively to our customers. With the migration flexibility of the existing MALC installed base, we were able to ensure that the new network build utilizing the MXK system will be completed cost-effectively."


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