St. Augustine Community Boosts Internet Infrastructure with Hotwire Communications


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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Madeira at St. Augustine has signed internet ISP Hotwire Communications to overhaul the community’s network infrastructure, substantially increasing Madeira’s internet speeds by over 80x. The overhaul will include the construction and installation of an all-fiber overbuild, one which will replace the current copper wiring, creating an infrastructure that will be highly durable, redundant, and fully scalable, with the possibility for further upgrades in the future through simple equipment installation.

“The Madeira master-planned community, in its commitment to providing our residents the best broadband Internet technology available today, is excited to partner with Hotwire Communications,” said Douglas Maier, president of the Madeira Homeowner Association of St. Augustine.

Hotwire Communications’ planned infrastructure will bring FTTH to each residence in Madeira, setting the community apart within the St. Augustine market where most wireless networks split bandwidth between each home, which usually results in reduced speeds, lower streaming quality, and connectivity issues when too many devices are connected at once. FTTH guarantees that each home in Madeira receives faster connections speeds and nearly unlimited bandwidth capacity, allowing for multiple devices to be connected to the network at once with no impact on internet speed, streaming quality, or connectivity.

Construction of the fiber network is slated to start in the spring, with FTTH installation currently projected to begin later this summer.


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