Starry Connect Program Now Serves over 29K Units

Since the onset of the COVID-19 health crisis, Starry has added 20,000 new public and affordable housing units to its digital equity program.

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BOSTON -- Starry, a hybrid fiber licensed gigabit wireless internet service provider, announced Starry Connect, Starry’s high-quality, ultra-low-cost internet access program for affordable and public housing communities, now reaches more than 29,000 units of public and affordable housing across Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

Starry Connect partners with owners of public and affordable housing to make high-quality, uncapped, true broadband access available to residents for only $15 per month. Starry Connect provides 30 Mbps symmetrical speeds, all in-home Wi-Fi equipment and installation, and personalized customer care to all its subscribers without requiring a long-term contract, credit checks, or other complex eligibility criteria that are common requirements of other affordable access plans and often create insurmountable barriers for residents who need low-cost broadband access. Starry Connect first launched in 2018 with a partnership pilot with the Boston Housing Authority to bring low-barrier, high-quality connectivity to senior residents of the 100-unit Ausonia Apartments in Boston’s North End.

Today, the Starry Connect program counts the Denver Housing Authority, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, Innovative Housing Concepts (Englewood, CO Housing Authority), Related Affordable, HCCI, Spring Creek Towers (Starrett City), Knickerbocker Village and Beacon Communities as its largest public and affordable housing partners.

“In 2018, we set out to develop a digital equity program that would be laser-focused on providing ultra-low-cost and ultra-low-barrier broadband access to communities that have long been underserved and overlooked” said Alex Moulle-Berteaux, Chief Operating Officer for Starry. “We designed the Starry Connect program as a way to take meaningful action to close the digital divide. When the COVID-19 health crisis hit our communities, we doubled down on that commitment, accelerating our deployment of Connect to ensure the digital divide didn’t become a digital gulf in the midst of this pandemic. Our work would not be possible without our committed public and affordable housing partners and the men and women of Starry who work daily to connect families to affordable broadband.”

Starry Connect is an official ConnectHomeUSA stakeholder with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is helping to bridge the digital divide for HUD-assisted housing residents in the United States. Starry Connect is unique in that it does not require credit checks or individual subscriber qualification to participate. Starry ties eligibility directly to the public or affordable housing community to relieve the paperwork and qualification burden from the resident.


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