STC Expands FTTH Network to 600,000 New Locations in Saudi Arabia

  • STC
RIDYADH, SAUDI ARABIA - STC, a major telecommunication service provider in the Middle East and North Africa, has expanded its FTTH network to connect over 600,000 locations to the fiber optic network that reached a total length of 3700 miles of household fiber connections all over Saudi Arabia.

This expansion falls within STC's continuing efforts to complete the strategic extension of its network to connect all sectors and facilities including households in Saudi Arabia with the most recent communication technologies. STC provided the fiber optic service with new high speeds of up to 1000 Mbps to take customers to a new era of broadband applications including the smart home concept.

With these capabilities customers can enjoy bundled content services such as IPTV, VoD, recreation services and telephone call services in addition to interactive games and new social communication channels. STC is deploying FTTH services through highly trained technical teams to complete FTTH wirings at no cost to the customer to eliminate barriers to adoption. FTTH service is safe, electromagnetically immune and stable enough not to be affected by natural factors.


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