Strategy Analytics: Smart Home Is Finally Set to Become a Reality

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BOSTON, MA - November 9, 2011 – The Jetsons home is coming to a neighborhood near you, according to research published by the Strategy Analytics Smart Home Strategies service. The classic vision of automated homes controlled by smart technologies will be enabled over the next few years by electronic sensor and control technologies, software algorithms and personal devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The report, “Smart Homes: Why Now?”, also notes challenges to be overcome: Companies must identify the applications that will drive consumer adoption of smart home solutions and understand consumer attitudes about alternative solution sets, price points and preferred distribution channels.

"A major inhibitor to adoption of connected home solutions has been the lack of consumer awareness of what is available and the benefits," says Bill Ablondi, director, Smart Home Strategies. "Market movers ... are building awareness as they market smart home systems and services seen as instrumental to growing their businesses.”

Smart meters are being deployed by utilities in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere and are a further sign of the smart home’s growing importance. Energy consumption management is a key driver as consumers resist rising fuel costs, improve their homes, enhance their comfort and respond to environmental concerns.

“There are many opportunities for players across the emerging smart home value chain,” comments David Mercer, Strategy Analytics VP. “New partnerships between utilities, service providers, device manufacturers and enabling technology providers will be formed in order to improve customer value and drive incremental revenue opportunities. After many decades of promise, it appears that the smart home is finally set to become a reality.”


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