Sumitomo Electric Renews Record of Lowest Loss Optical Fiber

OSAKA, JAPAN — Sumitomo Electric Industries has set a new record for the lowest loss of optical fiber, 0.1419 dB/km.

As the demand for communication capacity is skyrocketing over the world, there have been increasing needs for improvement in the performance of optical communication systems. For such improvement, reduction in optical fiber’s transmission loss is an effective solution. Since the commercialization of ultra-low loss fiber in 1988, Sumitomo Electric has been pioneering the cutting-edge technologies including transmission loss reduction. With these technologies, the company has been supplying ultra-low loss fibers that have the lowest transmission losses among the commercial products.

Now Sumitomo Electric has advanced the technology of fiber-glass and polymer coating, reducing the transmission loss further down to 0.1419 dB/km at a wavelength of 1560 nm. Sumittomo is committed to continuously develop the technologies for offering products, and contribute to expansion of communication capacity especially in trans-oceanic submarine communication systems.


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