Sumitomo Introduces FTTx Blade Rotation Cleavers

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NCSumitomo Electric Lightwave, a specialist in fiber optic product design and manufacturing, introduced the FC-6RM-C fiber cleaver, an automatic blade rotation cleaver for high-precision cleaves of one to 12 fibers for use in fusion splicing, field termination, and other precision applications. For single-fiber applications, the company has launched the FC-6RS automatic blade rotation cleaver.

Both units address the need for a more precise fiber cleaver that eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone process of height and blade rotation adjustments. The new designs increase ease of use, precision and product life.

To address the difficulties and frustrations field technicians have in manually adjusting and rotating cleaver blade positions, Sumitomo’s patent-pending technology automatically rotates the cleaver blade during use for easy, fast, and precise cleaves in a two-step process that prevents double scoring of fibers. In the past, the difficulty of blade rotation adjustments has necessitated increased service and maintenance of the fiber cleavers. Though manufacturers often advertise a long maximum life for cleaver blades, a typical blade lasts only a third or less of its advertised life because of frequent improper cleaver blade rotation and height adjustments.

The FC-6RM-C and FC-6RS significantly reduce the need for maintenance and service by extending the maximum life of the cleaver blade to 144,000 cleaves after making factory height adjustments, with initial capacity of 48,000 consecutive cleaves requiring no adjustments. The automated cleavers allow users to streamline the cleaving process undisrupted to cleave single or multiple fibers with maximum precision and time efficiency.

Sumitomo’s new FC-6RM-C mass automatic blade rotation cleaver includes a convenient scrap collector. The FC-6RS is available with or without a scrap collector. Both cleavers feature user-selectable blade rotation options with specifications for clean, precise cleave quality that ensure low-reflectance terminations and enable optimum performance of fiber optic components and systems.

The cleavers offer a typical cleave angle of <0.5 degrees and are designed for use with splicing both single-mode and multimode optical fibers in a light and portable unit, providing a footprint and design that optimizes limited workspace.


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