Sunrise Telecom Adds OTDR, Fiber Inspection Capabilities to Test Solution

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SAN JOSE, CA Sunrise Telecom announced the addition of the RxT-4000 Fiber Optics Toolkit (FOT) and the FiberScope inspection option to its RxT Smart Productivity Test Platform. The new modules provide additional test and verification capabilities for operators deploying fiber optic infrastructures.

Controlled from a single handheld set, the fully connected, workflow-optimized RxT Smart Productivity Test Platform enables field technicians to install, verify and troubleshoot 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE backhaul circuits and services. Sunrise Telecom’s mobile backhaul solution now includes the RxT- 4000 Fiber Optic Test Kit, RxT FiberScope, RxT-2600 SHDSL.bis, RxT-2080 Dual T1, RxT-2270 E1, RxT-2380 SONET/SDH, and RxT-5000 10GE modules, all available through the company’s worldwide distribution channels.

“The deployment of fiber optics continues at a rapid pace worldwide, driven by next-generation mobile network turn-up as well as the installation of new high-performance metro and access links,” explains Olga Yashkova, analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Network deployment and maintenance tools such as the RxT Fiber Optics Toolkit are essential to ensure expedient and efficient infrastructure build-out and up-time assurance.”

Paired with the rugged, battery-operated RxT Smart Productivity Test Platform, the FOT module is an integral solution for installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Carrier Ethernet and SONET/SDH fiber optic cables. The full portfolio of modules, which includes solutions for 10GE, SONET/SDH and T1/E1, enables the RxT to test from physical layer to services with one test set, resulting in shorter learning and training time for users.

Using Sunrise Telecom’s new fiber optics solution, communications service providers deploying new broadband networks can inspect fiber connectors, analyze fiber for impairments and, if necessary, pinpoint the location and identity of the impairments. The RxT FOT, which is available in multiple wavelength combinations for testing single-mode and multimode fibers, features fiber optic characterization that records event location and identity for the fiber being tested. The compact platform, which incorporates quad wavelength testing and auto and manual mode configuration, offers a one-button ‘Auto Test Mode’ to simplify testing for even the most inexperienced user.

RxT productivity tools allow for remote access from anywhere through a Web browser. Sunrise Telecom’s realGate server offers field operations management the ability to easily track assets remotely and manage test and job order report information.


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