Superior Essex Announces FTTP Closures, Fiber Distribution Hub

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ATLANTA - Superior Essex announced the expansion of its FTTP product portfolio to include a new fiber distribution hub enclosure (FDH-288) and redesigned families of fiber dome closures (FDC) and fiber in-line closures (FIC).

The FDH-288 offers convenient, cost-saving features such as a swing-out adapter panel that
allows easy access to both central office and distribution connections and cable assemblies
and an SC adapter panel designed for incremental capacity growth that offers “pay-as-you-grow”
savings to service providers. The FDH-288 also supports in-hub splicing and the use of custom,
preconnectorized cable assemblies.

The improved FDC closures have re-enterable/resealable cable port systems for easier cable
installation and maintenance. To reduce customer inventory carrying cost and ordering errors,
each closure supports multiple configurations such as express, branch and drop terminal.
The two new closures in the FIC closure line accommodate preconnectorized drops. This
eliminates the need to splice drops during service provisioning, thus saving time and labor costs.


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