Superior Essex Announces New ADSS Fiber Product Line

  • Superior Essex
ATLANTA — Superior Essex, a manufacturer and supplier of communications cable and accessory products serving the communications industry, is streamlining fiber-optic network installations with new all dielectric self support (ADSS) product line.

EnduraSpan, a new fiber-based small and lightweight single-jacket self-support cable geared towards both short- and long-span aerial applications. This product line is designed for versatility and ease of use, allowing any service provider or carrier including telcos, CLECs, municipalities and public utility operators to efficiently install new fiber-optic network cable in a variety of aerial environments. Primary applications include railways, and power and telecommunications pole routes. It is an economical solution for single-pass installations that require non-metallic, self-support cable.

EnduraSpan utilizes a stranded loose-tube design able to withstand handling hardships while also allowing easy midspan access. The efficient design provides elevated tensile strength, long-term reliability and includes dry-core technology with PFM gel-filled loose tubes for water ingress protection. Benefits include both reduced network costs and cable prep time.

EnduraSpan is offered in spans from 25 to 400 meters for light, medium and heavy loading conditions and fiber counts up to 144.


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