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ACTON, MA - Integrated communications provider SureWest Communications upgraded its SeaChange VoD service to VODlink 5.0, the latest generation of SeaChange’s VoD software applications platform. The upgrade at SureWest’s Kansas City system enabled the operator to introduce SeaChange’s Watch & Buy T-Commerce application. SureWest, which provides VoD over both FTTH and HFC networks, is the first SeaChange customer to deploy these products.

Watch & Buy allows subscribers to purchase DVD and Blu-ray Disc versions of Warner Bros.’ on-demand streamed movies directly through the VoD interface and have them delivered to the home. SeaChange has configured several first-run titles from Warner Bros. studios for disc purchase in Kansas City the same day they are released for VoD viewing, including “Arthur,” “Hall Pass,” “Something Borrowed,” “Sucker Punch,” “Red Riding Hood” and “Unknown.”

In addition to launching Watch & Buy, SureWest is using VODlink 5.0 to provide its subscribers with faster navigation and program launch times, along with enhanced graphics capabilities. VODlink is integrated with SeaChange’s Axiom on Demand VOD back office at SureWest and also works with third-party VoD products.

“SureWest is operating in an intensely competitive market in Kansas City, and we see our upgrade to VODlink 5.0 and the launch of Watch & Buy as a significant step in differentiating the services and experiences we can offer to current and potential subscribers,” says Ken Johnson, vice president and chief technology officer for SureWest. “Being the first to deploy both VODlink 5.0 and Watch & Buy is indicative of SureWest’s ability to continuously embrace new technologies and advanced services.”

“We are pleased to work with SureWest on the first market offers using the Watch & Buy T-Commerce application,” said Anthony Landamia, executive director, product management, SeaChange. “This marks a major milestone in true T-commerce, as this is the first time all the partners, technologies and business models have been properly aligned to provide a true end-to-end solution that can be scaled nationally.”


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