Surry Telephone Selects Clearfield for FTTH Project

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MINNEAPOLIS - Surry Telephone Membership Corporation in North Carolina is building out fiber to the home within and beyond its traditional service area, using Clearfield's FieldSmart platform for fiber management and protection.

Surry chief engineer Richie Parker says, "We selected Clearfield because it offered a fiber management platform that scaled from one end of the network to the other. At every consolidation and distribution point in the network, fiber is protected within the Clearview Cassette."

Surry is using an active Ethernet deployment model in its ILEC serving area and a GPON architecture for its CLEC operations. "Because we recognize that our take rates will be different in our ILEC markets than in our CLEC operations, we needed a fiber management solution that allowed us to pace our capital equipment expenditures alongside the increase in subscribers," Parker says. "The configurability of Clearfield's FieldSmart platform is allowing us to contain our spending and reduce costs during the buildout of this project."

"Surry Telephone's deployment of fiber demonstrates its commitment to its member-owners," says Cheri Beranek, president and CEO of Clearfield. "This project, which is financed outside of government programs associated with the American Recovery [and Reinvestment] Act or the RUS program, is a wonderful example of the many fiber-rich broadband projects currently being undertaken by proactive telephone companies across the country."


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