Sussex County Selects Broad Valley to Construct Fiber Ring

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ESTON, VA — Sussex County Council has selected Broad Valley Micro Fiber Networks to design, construct, and maintain a new fiber optic network in Georgetown, Delaware. Broad Valley’s winning network proposal was selected through a competitive RFP process that encompasses a vision for improving overall broadband performance for the Georgetown community. The company intends to begin construction in the first half of 2015 after receiving the appropriate right-of-way permits from the town of Georgetown, Delaware Department of Transportation, and certain other utilities, as needed.

“We are pleased to partner with the Sussex County Council which has shown great initiative in finding ways to improve broadband infrastructure in its communities, said Peter D. Aquino, chairman, president and CEO of Broad Valley. "Looking ahead, as we make investments in constructing the Georgetown fiber network, we expect to leverage our fiber backbone to serve other customers throughout the area.

“The FCC’s change in definition of broadband services to a speed of 25 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up, shines a bright light on the widening gap in service availability between urban and rural locations. We are committed to be a part of the solution in reversing this disparity in southern Delaware. Our team is currently evaluating ways to improve broadband speeds in and around our new fiber ring, including the potential for serving business and residential customers directly with fiber and capable of delivering broadband speeds of 1 Gbps. Broad Valley’s planned architecture is expected to vault Georgetown into a state-of-the-art broadband city, made possible by the Sussex County RFP win as the main catalyst,” continued Aquino.

Advocating for Investments in Fiber Facilities
The Broad Valley fiber network will connect key Sussex County facilities and be positioned in Georgetown to offer community broadband services equivalent to or better than the larger metro markets in the country. Broad Valley, along with its partner members of the Sussex County Broadband Coalition, continue to be strong advocates for investment in fiber facilities as one of the keys to stimulating economic growth and job creation in Delaware. The Sussex County Broadband Coalition is organized by leaders of the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration/School of Public Policy & Administration.

"With this project, the county is virtually limitless in its ability to connect our facilities to each other and to the rest of the world. That's great news from an operational standpoint, allowing us to consolidate our computer systems and transfer data at the fastest speeds possible. But it's even better news for our economy here in Sussex County, as the Broad Valley fiber ring will give businesses and other consumers along the route another option for broadband access, and could lead to an expanded network across Sussex County down the road. It is critical for Sussex County to be competitive in attracting and retaining employers that depend on a constant, high-speed connection to do business,” said Sussex County Administrator Todd F. Lawson.

Closing the Digital Divide
Ultimately, Broad Valley’s strategic objective is to be part of the solution pursued by Sussex County as well as State of Delaware leadership. Initiatives under Governor Jack Markell are focused on closing the “Digital Divide” for residents, businesses, education, libraries, healthcare, farming and government in the rural areas of southern Delaware.

"This is exactly the type of work we hoped to make possible when the state completed a new fiber line running from the northern part of the state to Georgetown to improve broadband access in Sussex County," said Governor Markell, who last year announced an effort to use the line to better serve key sites in Sussex County, like schools, libraries, healthcare facilities and places that provide government services. "I applaud the County and Broad Valley for their commitment to expanding access to high-speed broadband and for working together to take advantage of the new fiber line. Projects like this are essential for businesses and all Delawareans to thrive in today's economy, and they will help ensure Delaware continues to be recognized as providing the best high
In addition, Broad Valley’s fiber network in Georgetown will also enable the company to test a fixed wireless service transmitting from a central city tower capable of delivering approximately 10 Mbps or better to unserved or underserved homes and businesses within line


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