Suttle Selects Sigma Designs' Next-Generation Chipset

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LAS VEGAS — Advanced networking supplier Suttle has selected Sigma Designs' new CG5200 family of chipsets for its FutureLink Gigabit Ethernet system. The CG5200 enables a complete self-install home entertainment network for distribution of multimedia and IPTV over all existing powerline, coax and phone line wires at gigabit speeds. Sigma Designs provides system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for Smart TV, Internet of Things for smart home, media connectivity and set-top-boxes (STBs). offers a single-wired international standard for connecting devices. With Sigma's CG5200, every power outlet, coaxial outlet and phone jack in the home becomes a network connectivity point on the same mesh network, providing consumers with convenience and flexibility. This enables seamless delivery of traffic from one medium to another. With its MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) capability, the CG5200 improves coverage and throughput even through surge protected power strips and multiple phases.

FutureLink Gigabit Ethernet System
Suttle's FutureLink Gigabit Ethernet system is the perfect solution for low-cost-of-ownership brownfield or greenfield home connectivity deployments. The Suttle platform offers a plug-and-play solution that allows easy end-user installation, and extends network coverage throughout the home while providing higher bandwidth than currently deployed home networking technologies. This networking system utilizes existing infrastructure, maximizes coverage and allows complete device mobility delivering a consistent signal even to those hard-to-reach rooms.

CG5200 Chipset Family
Sigma's CG5200 family of chipset supports TR069 remote management and monitoring. With easy customer installation and remote management capabilities, the SoC offers service providers convenient access to monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and upgrade resulting in an overall reduction of service calls, returns and maintenance costs.


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