Sweden's Com Hem Announces Countrywide FTTx Rollout

  • Com Hem AB
HARNOSAND, SWEDEN - Com Hem AB, Sweden's largest cable TV operator, announced a large scale FTTx roll-out through-out the country. To support this activity, Com Hem was looking for a Network Management system to automate the access and distribution network roll-out. The network is currently being built in several cities from Gothenburg in the South to Luleå in the North, with approximately 1000 access and distribution switches.

PacketFront Software has delivered BECS Network Control & Provisioning System for management of distribution nodes, access elements and CPEs.

Plan and Build Tool
The BECS delivery includes a plan and build tool for network documentation, resource management, configuration assurance and software management. With the help of the tool, Com Hem achieves automated assignment and updated view of the used IP addresses, VLAN’s, firmware images etc. The tool not only sets up the resources but also releases them in case they are not used anymore optimizing the resource usage. A roll-back function provides additional security as a roll-back can be done at any level starting from the entire network to individual element interfaces.

Zero-touch Configuration
BECS enables zero-touch configuration of network elements in Com Hem’s multi-vendor environment. This means out-of-the-box element deployment and automated configuration control of network events regardless of equipment manufacturer. An element can be connected to the network without any prior configuration as BECS detects and configures all new elements.

The flexibility of the BECS has enabled Com Hem to start with a limited set of functionality, but over time increase the use to new tasks as the network expands and the need for further automation increases. BECS also provides Com Hem a platform to develop own functions, making the system adaptable to future needs.


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