Swisscom Offers Ultra-Fast Browsing Speed of 1 Gbps

  • Swisscom
BERNE - Over 650,000 Swisscom residential customers can now browse the Internet at the ultra-fast speed of 1 Gbps – thanks to the company's new fiber-optic network. Swisscom customers have a choice of either the top speed of 1 Gbps or they can opt for 300 Mbps at a lower price point. In addition all customers benefit from an automatic increase in browsing speed to 100 Mbps at no extra charge.

The Internet is becoming increasingly important in people's everyday lives. Whether using video telephony or high-resolution television, the number of activities taking place online is growing all the time, prompting a rapid surge in demand for broadband. This year alone Swisscom will have invested 2 billion in infrastructure expansion in order to keep pace with this demand. In addition, Swisscom is deploying a mix of technologies to enable virtually nationwide broadband coverage and aims to make ultra broadband available to over 2.3 million households and businesses by 2015.

New Internet Box to Support Increased Speeds

Swisscom has developed a new Internet box that supports the new 1 Gbps speeds while ensuring a user-friendly and secure Internet experience. Features include an interactive display, an extra WLAN access available at the touch of a button for guests and a child protection feature so that browsing times can be fixed.


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