Synacor and Verizon FiOS to Offer New Integrated TV Experience

  • Synacor
BUFFALO, NY — Synacor, a technology, services and revenue partner for video, Internet and communications providers and device manufacturers, announced it has expanded its relationship with Verizon, launching Synacor's new Startpage and Video Search & Discovery Products, which offer Verizon's nearly 5.5 million FiOS TV subscribers an easy and enjoyable cross-platform TV experience. FiOS customers can check out what's new, watch live TV and check out what's trending on FiOS at

"Our customers want to search, discover and enjoy TV on every screen, whether it's live, video on-demand, on their smartphone or tablet, and Synacor's solution helps us deliver a seamless experience," said Rick Haring, Verizon's director of digital and social engagement.

"Verizon FiOS subscribers expect the most convenient enjoyable TV experience possible, and Synacor is thrilled our new Startpage and multiscreen Video Search & Discovery products have been selected to support Verizon's industry-leading efforts," said Michael Bishara, Synacor's SVP of Product and GM of TV Everywhere. "The Verizon FiOS team's vision has created opportunities to innovate the TV Everywhere experience and to launch our next-gen Startpage and 'PowerPlay' Video Search & Discovery products on smartphones, tablets and desktops."

Benefits to Verizon FiOS pay-tv subscribers:

  • Effortless multiscreen TV experience

  • Simple Search & Discovery experience, including Live, VOD, TV Everywhere

  • Deep catalog of shows and movie information as well as title and thumbnail

  • Watching TV across devices as fun and easy as watching regular TV

Benefits to pay-tv providers:

  • Brings together all the video services the provider is providing to their subscribers across both video and broadband experiences

  • Unified guide for Search & Discovery and recommendations

  • Providing subscribers with an easy-to-use, next-gen TV experience across any device, cross-browser and native app



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