TalkTalk Optimizes Residential Wi-Fi with ASSIA CloudCheck Solution


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REDWOOD CITY, CA — Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment (ASSIA) and TalkTalk, a provider of landline, broadband, TV and mobile services to over four million customers, have announced the deployment of ASSIA CloudCheck Wi-Fi management solution as part of TalkTalk's residential Wi-Fi Hub to improve quality of experience (QoE) for customers of the UK telecommunications operator. The CloudCheck cloud-based service measures, manages, diagnoses and proactively optimizes in-home Wi-Fi networks using contextual analytics and machine learning. As part of their end-to-end QoE solution, TalkTalk also uses ASSIA's DSL Expresse Dynamic Line Management software product to manage and optimize their broadband services. The solution will reach over a million households by the end of the year.

"In home Wi-Fi performance is increasingly becoming the primary factor in how a residential customer perceives the quality of service provided by their internet service provider," said Phil Haslam, chief network officer at TalkTalk. "Coupled with advances we have made in recent years analyzing network telemetry data to improve broadband connectivity performance, the ASSIA solution gives us the additional data and visibility we need to understand the various patterns that can affect in-home Wi-Fi performance—and the management and optimization tools to deliver the best experience for our customers."

TalkTalk Implments CloudCheck Platform
TalkTalk has implemented the complete CloudCheck software platform including CloudCheck TruSpeed that accurately measures broadband speeds to comply with the Ofcom VCOP (voluntary code of practice). Today, UK homes equipped with TalkTalk's Wi-Fi hub are transparently measuring both broadband and Wi-Fi speed performance in order to proactively optimize in-home performance and help customers better understand issues of coverage, device obsolescence, and where necessary, optimize setup to improve customer experience—especially during peak times.

ASSIA's CloudCheck scoring and data mining capabilities will be released in June 2019 to further enhance TalkTalk's customer service dashboard which has used network telemetry data to more accurately pin point issues and solutions to poor connectivity. Both ASSIA and TalkTalk are committed to better assess and address major sources of customer quality of experience issues to improve the overall service provided. 




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